There is only one pin you need. Pin of the world, support one of society’s biggest problems, violence, harassment and discrimination against women and girls.

You can wear it at work, on the vest, in the gym, in everyday life. You show that you stand up for a safe society free from violence against women and girls.

When you as an entrepreneur and your employees carry Pin of the world, you show that you represent a zero tolerance regarding violence, abuse and harassment at your workplace. You will also know that through your investment in your pin, more young people receive training in how we treat each other in order to prevent and put an end to the continuing problem.

As part of this, we will also contribute to the global work and give financial opportunities to the Global Fund for the elimination of violence against women and girls.

This means that you make a difference, both by showing your support and contributing to a better and more equal world…

Can you resist being part of the change?

Price: 99 SEK including VAT.

The webshop with more currencies will soon be released.

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Pin of the world, Founded and developed after the success of Orange day MC.